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Algo trading

Algo Trading is a form of trading which is based on intelligent computer-software. It is designed to help the trader profit from pre-programmed scenarios such as timing, price, or quantity of the order. Algo Trading is becoming
popular and fast growing trading tool, due to its ability to perform the following

  • Reduce costs 
  • Increases efficiency by identifying trading opportunities 
  • Increase transparency 
  • Offers the best execution 
  • Can carry out complex instructions and perform analysis quickly 
  • Determines execution and allows better alignment of execution with strategy 

At the "heart" of all Algo Trading platforms are the algorithms themselves, or the pre-programs available. MRTmarkets is proud to offer its clients the top notch Algo Trading software available, with proven algorithms that can help you profit via these trading robots

Robots Types

  • A Scanning Robot will scan the market for interesting trade based on certain patterns and according to the selected risk profile. Once such an opportunity will be identified, a notification will be sent to the trader.
  • An  Executing Robot will open specific trades selected by the trader. The robot will manage the position according to the selected risk profile. Since following multiple trades simultaneously is very challenging for a human trader, using such a robot as a “trading assistant” is ideal.
  • The Trading Strategy Robot is a smart algorithm capable of scanning the market for certain patterns, opening trades, and managing them according to the pre-selected risk profile.



Algo Trading Tracks


Risk Profiles

Each robot will operate according to the pre-selected risk profiles. Like with every other financial investment, the higher the risk, the higher the return the investment can generate. In general, MRTmarkets offers 3 tracks of risk profiles:

  • Solid & Conservative – With an annual percent rate of 3%, this track is ideal for traders with smaller accounts. A limited risk will allow them to better sustain market movements and keep their account away from losses. Accounts with up to $10,000 are limited to this track.
  • .Advanced Trader – Traders looking for higher profits, can make use of this track. With average annual percent rate of 7% This track is idea for more experienced traders with larger accounts. This track is open for accounts with up to $50,000
  • Ultimate Gains – Accounts with $50,000 or more can benefit from this unique track, significantly increasing the average annual percent rate to 25%.




Algo Trading by Nexus Trade